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John Palmer | 10 miles to Bisbee
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10 miles to Bisbee awarded for best score in Sitges 2015 international film festival

Today, Saturday 10 October, the SGAE held the 15th edition of the SGAE Nova Autoria Awards at the Cinema Prado in Sitges as a part of the Sitges 2015 International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia. With the presentation of the SGAE Nova Autoria Awards, the SGAE and the SGAE Foundation once again shows its firm and resolute commitment to supporting this country’s audiovisual creation.

The 2015 SGAE Nova Autoria selection committee was made up of Lluís Arcarazo, TV and film screenwriter, member of the SGAE Foundation’s board of trustees and a member of SGAE Territorial Council in Catalonia; Xavier Capellas, composer, soundtrack composer and member of the SGAE Territorial Council in Catalonia, and Sílvia Quer, TV and Film director.

Javier Gimeno-Bayón,  won the SGAE Nova Autoria Award for best original music for his composition for the soundtrack of the fiction short film 10 miles to Bisbee «because of the language used when emphasizing sequences and the resolution applying the main theme song, Along with the results obtained in the instrumentation and production».

Conceived as an open window to discover the talent of future audiovisual creators, the SGAE Nova Autoria Awards are in collaboration with, and with the complicity of, the main film Catalan schools and the Festival itself. Through these awards, the SGAE and the SGAE Foundation offer up and coming authors the possibility of showing their works presenting them to the general public as a part of an internationally reaching audiovisual event.


Music for the Film - 10 miles to Bisbee


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